Best Chrome extensions to install

Google Chrome is the most used and most popular browser in the world. And because of its fast speed, user-friendly interface, and great browsing experience, it is also touted as the best browser. But do you know that the Chrome Web Store has thousands of extensions you can install to add extra features to your browser? Here are some extensions you should certainly try.


StayFocused is a perfect tool for people who work on computers all day to stop themselves from getting distracted by the many wonderful and captivating things on the internet. Primarily, it’s an extension that limits your time on websites that can cause your productivity to dip, especially, social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Once you’ve reached the time limit, StayFocused will block access to those sites, reminding you to focus on your work.


AdBlock is the most popular extension for Chrome. It has millions of active users, and for good reason. AdBlock blocks most of the ads from showing on Chrome. It improves your experience and increases the speed of your browser, as it blocks shady ads on the web, some of them are designed to trick people into downloading something that could damage their computers.


Remembering passwords has always been a headache, good thing there’s LastPass. AS Chrome already has a built-in password manager, LastPass is a better option for password management. Instead of trying to memorize countless passwords for your online accounts, LastPass can generate new and secure passwords when you log in to a website and sync your passwords whenever you need them. With LastPass, you can effortlessly gain access to your accounts, enter credit card details, and fill out online forms with just a few clicks.

Evernote Web Clipper-

You can store web pages by using Evernote and can access them whenever you want. Though you can mark sites by using Chrome’s built-in bookmarks option, Evernote is a better and powerful option. The extension permits you to easily save web content from Chrome and transfer it straight into your Evernote account. By hitting the button, you can grab an image from the web page, make annotations, create summary links, and can save a distraction-free version for later viewing.


Pocket is another way to keep track of your favourite web content. With the Pocket extension, you can save videos, articles, pictures and any other web pages for later viewing. Click the Pocket extension button when you come across something interesting and that page will automatically be synced to all your devices, so you can view it at any time, even without an internet connection. With Pocket, you can set things aside when you have something important to do first. If you can’t read the content at that time, Pocket it for later.


Momentum is an alternative new tab page that takes the place of the default Chrome landing page. Comes with a personalized dashboard that contains a beautiful scenic background, the weather report, a to-do list, a daily inspirational quote, and quick links widgets for your favourite sites. Momentum can be the dose of inspiration you’re seeking for.

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