IT Business Continuity
Planning Services

Unexpected disasters can stop your company in its tracks – if one were to come along, would you be prepared? Coping with and being able to survive disasters need advanced planning and preparation. But all too often business owners fail to have a business continuity plan in place, and so expose their organisation to the risk and damage caused by disasters.

Our experience supporting businesses from different sectors means that no matter what type of business you are, our business continuity experts can implement cost-effective IT business continuity services that will protect your business-critical applications and data, ensuring you and your team are able to continue working even after a severe IT outage.

Our Range of Business Continuity Services include:

  • Email Continuity Planning
  • Remote Working Provisions
  • Online Backups & Backup Feasibility Checks
  • Monthly Systems MOT
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Hosted Server & Hosted Desktops
  • Workplace Recovery Locations

How Business Continuity Services Can Help?

Business continuity services automate the entire procedure of backing up your data – both locally and in the cloud – and restoring your services in a worst-case scenario. Your data will be available and online, while critical business information will be secure, being quickly and effortlessly recoverable. We offer you peace of mind by monitoring your backups, ensuring they are ready if any disaster strikes.

How do Reliable Computers ensure business continuity for your company?

We design, implement and maintain business continuity strategies and solutions that will give you certainty about your company’s ability to weather anything that comes along. We backup and virtualize your whole IT environment – computer operating systems, servers, settings, applications, and files. Then, if you need it in the event of even a simple power outage – it is there for you. We will enable you to pick up and keep going from where you left off – from any internet connected device. Sounds good? It is!

Why choose Reliable Computers?

It’s easy to see why so many companies have chosen Reliable Computers for their business continuity services. In addition, we offer you:

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