Email Setup &
Spam Protection Services

Email is the most widely used and trusted form of communication. We all send and receive emails on a daily basis, whether for internal company communication or to provide customer service. The benefits of the email also come with security risk from unprotected usage. These attacks are evolving and your email security system requires to constantly evolve. You can rest assured knowing you have the best possible protection and it comes hassle-free as one of Australia’s leading IT service providers, we are experts in these issues and deal with them on a daily basis

Reliable Computers’ Email setup and Spam Protection services provide powerful and affordable solutions for complete setup and protection of your email infrastructure.

Our Email Setup Services include:

  • Setup a new or existing email account
  • Configure multiple email accounts
  • Setup archive of old emails
  • Optimise email client for best performance-To optimise the performance of your particular email client, we do things like setup appropriate folder structures settings automatically clear your spam and junk folders on a regular basis.

Our Email Protection Services automatically filter your email to prevent:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Spam and unwanted email
  • Viruses and malicious emails
  • Malicious content

Benefits of Our Email Protection services include:

  • Smart filtering
  • Improved email access – advanced search options and message archiving
  • Customised scanning 
  • User-friendly interface
  • Message encryption
  • Secure file sharing
  • Protection against data leaks
  • Protection against compromise caused by human error.

For email setup and spam protection services, Contact us today and let us share our expertise with you and your business.