IT Support Services for Healthcare Providers

The medical industry is growing rapidly and healthcare providers are facing the challenge to match technological sophistication along with the patient’s needs. The vulnerability caused by spyware, malware and viruses in the virtual environment has created a cause for concern. We know that the fast-paced environment of a medical centre demands an organised, efficient, effective and reliable IT infrastructure that is guaranteed to perform.

Reliable Computers gives you peace of mind in running your Medical centre. We closely monitor your network server and critical infrastructure to ensure it is working efficiently. We closely monitor your daily medical backups, servers, perform test restores and provide regular maintenance of your IT systems. All our support engineers will have knowledge of your site and will be able to respond to any medical IT problems. We provide both remote IT support and onsite IT support to take care of the medical centre IT updates.

Trust Reliable Computers to be your professional IT partner who not only deploys a robust and proven system but delivers industry-leading support to keep your medical centre operating at peak efficiency.

IT Solutions To Support Healthcare Providers

  • Unlimited help desk support for all your staff
  • We ensure your daily operations run smoothly
  • Real-time monitoring of servers and computers
  • Choose from the IT Support Plans: On-site and Remote Tech Support
  • Management of Hardware and Software
  • Regular upgrades
  • Protection against virus and spyware for your servers and computers
  • Already working hand-in-hand with numerous clinics
  • Our team is highly trained in Medical IT 
  • Complete solution to your IT needs

Living in Sydney area and looking for reliable and experienced IT services and Computer Support for your medical centre, simply call us. We will be happy to help you.

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