Internet and
Networking Support

Achieving your peak network and Internet infrastructure takes work, but the benefits are clear for any business. At Reliable Computers, we can support your business and provide advice to ensure you get the most from your network. Our internet and network services include network design, upgrades and managed Wi-Fi networks, through to Internet domain and web hosting as well as business-grade Internet connectivity to ensure you stay connected with your clients, staff and partners. We’re your one-stop-shop for all your network needs from routers, switches, internet connection, wireless, internet connections, private data networks, VPN’s, VoIP, Cloud, storage – you name it.

Whether you are looking for expert assistance in computer networking installation, business IT network support or network security, we can design or manage all your IT needs. We will work closely with you to understand your technology and business requirements. We can then design, develop and implement support strategies that work best for your company.

From setting up a network to monitoring your system to make sure, it is secure and ready when you need it…. our technicians offer computer network services to ensure your network is running at peak performance.

  • Free Network Security Assessment
  • Network Design
  • Setup & computer networking installation
  • Network cabling installation
  • Hardware & software procurement
  • Disaster recovery
  • Wireless networking
  • LAN / WAN networking
  • Computer network security
  • VoIP computer networking solutions
  • IT Consulting

Through our subject matter knowledge and hands-on networking practice, we can establish computer networks that have many advantages for you in the long-term scenario; read below for the same:

Cost-effective resource sharing – Using network-connected peripheral devices like printers, scanners and copiers, or sharing software between multiple users, saves money.

Information Sharing – With a network comes to the amazing facility for file sharing, data sharing and backups. You will not require employees roaming around to share a certain file of critical importance. You will have it all here on your network.

Improves storage efficiency- You get the combined storage volume of all the computers in the network.

Technology Sharing – With the integration of various remote software and shared applications, users can share the uses mutually.
Reliable Computers strongly believe in the optimization of our client’s network. Share your custom requisites with our networking team and we will ensure that they all are taken care of.